Right Now, Currently, This Month: June

Right Now, Currently, This Month is my monthly journal update that is greatly inspired by a page in my planner (The Happy Planner). It allows me to share my antics for the month and my plans for the following month, as well as some musical and culinary recommendations. Enjoy!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I posted a monthly journal and I know that this one is late- sorry! A lot has happened since my graduation: I completed my inpatient observation hours, I was able to switch to full-time at my PT Aide job this summer and I spent one week in Barcelona with my family! I’ve had a really productive month and the summer is just starting!

Anyway, here is my monthly musings of  what I am up to and what I am currently listening to…

Loving: everything about Barcelona

Eating: Tapas y Jamón

Drinking: Spanish sangria

Watching: World of Dance  (I’m Team Keone+Mari ftw!)

Going: went to Barcelona, Spain.

Reading: Eyewitness travel guide to Spain

Texting: my friends

Playing:   Working!!

Celebrating: LIFE

Listening: American Teen by Khalid

Buying: SAVING

Pinning: all pins travel related

Planning: my summer!

Visiting:  I anticipate many visits to Yosemite & San Francisco

That concludes my monthly musings! From what you can probably tell, my trip to Barcelona has had a huge impact on me. Barcelona is easily one of my favorite cities in the world and I’ve left feeling truly inspired! I have a lot of ideas on how I want to further this blog’s journey and can’t wait to see where it takes me. More blog posts are coming your way! 🙂

Peace, love & blessings,


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How to Get Free Products Using Social Media

Disclaimer: This blog post in NOT sponsored by Influenster in any way.

Yes, you got that right: you can get free products using your social media! I recently discovered the website, Influenster, and have been having a great experience. In essence, Influenster is a site that has honest product reviews from its users and utilizes social media analytics to measure its users social media influence. Once the user syncs his/her social media accounts on the site, an ‘Impact Score’ is made and is used as scale to qualify the user for a free box of sample products, also known as a VoxBox. Each VoxBox has a different theme and has a variety of products.

Looking back, I’d say that the time it took for me from signing up to actually receiving a box was about 3 weeks. I created my account on May 2nd and connected my social media, received an email about being on the shortlist for a VoxBox on May 8, and found out that I would receive one on May 10. The Glow VoxBox came in seven days later.

The shortlist is Influenster’s way of letting you know that your account is on a ‘shortlist’ of names to get a VoxBox. By completing different surveys on the site, you make your own profile of what products you like (and don’t like). This helps Influenster sort out which types of VoxBoxes you’d actually like to receive and essentially try out the products and review them.

Since I previously reviewed various beauty products, I was on the shortlist to receive the Glow VoxBox. The free products included:

  • Nail polish from the Sinful Colors Desert Divas Collection- Super Cooper ($1.99)
  • Not Your Mother’s Naturals Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Repair+Protect Leave In Conditioner ($8.99)
  • Flash Tattoos: Child of Wild ($25) & Chloe, Dakota, Lena, Nikki, Zahra ($20)
  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask ($14.99 for 6 oz.)
  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub ($9.99 for 4 oz.)

*The total amount of the Glow VoxBox (retail size) checks out to be $80.96 (and I got this box for FREE :O)


Overall, I am very happy with the free sample products I received and am excited to try them out! I don’t know about you, but the feeling of getting a package delivered to you is exciting, even moreso when you know that you got it for FREE. For those that are curious to see what Influenster is all about, I highly encourage that you visit the site and maybe even make an account. If you are curious about the products I reviewed prior to receiving the Glow VoxBox, click here. I will most likely write up my product reviews on my Influenster page and not on the blog because it is more convenient. Until next time!

Peace, love, and blessings,


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Brown People and Flying

So it has been a while since I added a chapter to my Brown Gal Chronicles. Now that I have graduated college, I have more time to devote to writing more content! As I reflect other the past few months, the question that always lingers through my mind was “What aspect of your Filipino American experience haven’t you written about yet?” To me, a big part of my Filipino American experience is dealing with racial generalizations. From other people asking me to help them with their math homework in school (Math is my weakest subject tbh) to people talking louder at me just because my skin is darker, I’ve had my share of unpleasant experiences. The most recent one happened back in April when I traveled to Memphis for NCUR. It occurred on the flight going from Sacramento to Houston.

Something really interesting happened on this flight. I was assigned to a middle seat and was the first to get to my row. As people more people were boarding the flight, a nice young black man sat next to me in the aisle seat. We introduced ourselves and patiently waited for the rest of the passengers to board. When the lady assigned to the window seat in my row came, me and the guy both got up so she could pass through. As this happened, an older white woman explained that she was supposed to sit in the aisle seat, the original seat the guy was previously in. As the guy was moving to another seat, the older white woman said to him, “I’ll happily sit in that seat if you want to sit next to your bride [referring to me]”. Both the guy and myself exchanged looks of shock and “I can’t believe she just said that!” I replied to her with, “Oh we’re not together!” and she replied “You’re not?!” Just the way she said it implied that the fact the young man and I aren’t romantically linked is crazy. The whole interaction was a little funny but also weird. What kept going through my mind at that moment was “Not all brown people who are sitting next to each other are actually together together!” So, as a person of color, the lesson learned is that other people will make incorrect assumptions about you and actually voice them, you just have to kindly correct them. What I hope you, the reader, take from this is to never make assumptions about the people around you and never voice them because it will make you look like an idiot, a racist one at that.

So yep, that was the most recent encounter I had dealing with racial generalization. I am aware that it could have been worse and my experience may be considered benign. To be honest, I actually wasn’t angered by what happened, just shocked. Maybe the lady didn’t grow up in a culturally diverse atmosphere and genuinely thought that all brown people exclusively date other brown people. But then again, I will never know.

Until the next chapter,


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Right Now, Currently, This Month: May

may update
The May cover on my planner 🙂

Hello lovely readers (mom and friends, I see you!) IT’S MAY! I cannot believe that it’s already May! This means that I am graduating from undergrad in just 9 days and I am feeling ALL OF THE FEELINGS (happy, excited, scared, terrified, etc). Since my last blog post, I’ve had some fun exciting experiences. I’ve been more consistent in getting back on the road and logging in some miles and also going to yoga class at m university’s gym. The most exciting experience though was going to Chance the Rapper’s concert for the first time! I went with my brother and I can honestly say that the concert was fantastically amazing! I would definitely go to another concert again because Chance is such an amazing and humble artist, he’s a great live performer, and his concerts are just SO LIT!

Anyways, here is my monthly musings of what I am up to and what I am currently listening to:

Loving: my family + friends

Eating: more vegetables

Drinking: coconut coffee (It’s finals week!)

Watching: Netflix series of Dear White People (discover your wokeness, peeps)


Reading: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Texting: friends

Playing: nothing? More like stu(dying)

Celebrating: Graduation

Listening: DAMN. (Kendrick Lamar)

Buying: SAVING

Pinning: graduation cap ideas

Planning: my summer

Visiting: Europe (hopefully! fingers crossed, prayers up)

That’s basically it! Now back to study mode I go. Have a great week! 🙂

May the Fourth be with you,


Project 333: Month 3 Update & Final Conclusions

I DID IT! I went 3 months with just 33 items in my closet! I can’t believe I’m already done with this challenge- it feels like I started it yesterday! To recap: #Project333 is a minimalistic fashion challenge created by Courtney Carver of the blog, Be More With Less. The basics of this challenge is to live with 33 items of items for 3 months, hence the 333. I started this challenge back in mid-January and just completed it on Easter Sunday.

If you missed my introductory post about #Project333, including the rules and whatnot, you can find it here.

During the beginning of my challenge, I had originally planned to do a weekly recap of my outfits, but then I realized the “Hey guys this week I wore..” post would be a little too repetitive. So instead, I did a monthly recap and added some things I learned about myself throughout that entire month.

The collages below include all my outfits for the third and final month of this challenge. I’d say some of my most worn products were the dark wash jeggings and purple converse. I was already in a groove by the time the last month came around and it was really nice because I looked out together most of the time. I learned that my go to outfit I went to when I was in a rush was a nice shirt/blouse with a scarf and pants. I might have already mentioned this, but I’ll reiterate that no one noticed that I was wearing the same pants or leggings consecutively. Most of my friends didn’t even know that I was doing this challenge unless I had previously told them.

I did come close to breaking my rule of not shopping for new clothes. My professional fraternity’s formal was recently and I almost went shopping for a new jumpsuit to wear to the event. Fortunately, I decided against it and wore the black dress that was already in my 33 items. Funny enough, this was the only time I wore the dress, in all of the 3 months. I wore the same dress to last year’s formal and got even more compliments this time because I rocked the dress. Black never goes out of style, it’s timeless!

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Back to the bigger picture: in the 12 weeks of my Project 333 challenge, I created 84 outfits from just 33 items. I honestly believe that I could create more outfits with my 33 item capsule wardrobe. So here is my round up post of Project 333, here we go…

My biggest takeaway from the challenge..

In the beginning, I thought my biggest takeaway would be to gain greater creativity from creating different outfits from a limited wardrobe but I’d classify this as one of the best things of the challenge.

My biggest takeaway was realizing how much unnecessary stuff I have in my life and how I put value on material things.

When I chose my 33 items at the beginning of the challenge, I put the rest of my clothes in garbage bags and didn’t touch it. Most of the stuff in those boxes are old and ill fitting on me. The reason why I still have them is due to sentiment and an unhealthy motivation to ‘fit back into those clothes’. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. We all have that one blouse or those pair of jeans that are just a little too tight but we still keep them to use as motivation to lose weight. Not only is this unhealthy and unattainable, it also makes us add unnecessary pressure on ourselves and value beauty on a physical level.

Through out this challenge, I learned to be more accepting of the changes my body has gone through. My body is no longer as thin as it was when I ran cross country in high school. My body is curvier and my legs are stronger because I added strength training to my exercise routine. With these changes, of course my old jeans won’t fit anymore. I stopped focusing so much on my weight and size and instead focused on how my body feels. When you feel healthy and are getting in enough exercise and eating enough whole foods, little things such as waist size shouldn’t hold a high standard in your mind.

Since I didn’t shop for clothes for 3 months, I had more time to read books I’ve been meaning to read. I also had more time to myself and write about my thoughts. I spent most of my downtime with family and friends, where we actually did things besides shopping. We place so much our time and value into material things, we should really putting that effort into having different experiences.

Did I get bored?

I rarely got bored with this challenge. Refer to best things about this challenge (below).

What were my most worn items?

Definitely my black leggings, dark was jeggings, chambray shirt and scarves. I also wore my dark brown boots quite a bit to get me through the rainy weather.

Was there anything I didn’t wear?

Hah, yes! I didn’t end up wearing my white blouse with black polka dots because I forgot about it (and it no longer fit me haha). So really, I did this challenge with 32 items 😉

Best thing about the challenge?

Having a uniform. Every morning, I spent maybe 5 minutes getting dressed because I already had an idea of what I wanted to wear. The best thing about this was knowing that I would look good with whatever I chose that day since most of the items meshed well together. This made my confidence soar, which positively translated to how I carried myself.

Hardest thing about the challenge?

Aside from almost breaking the no shopping rule, nothing was hard about this challenge. If anything, I was motivated to create a new outfit for each day of the challenge.

Will I keep it up?

I would like to! I need to replace some of the items in my capsule wardrobe like my black flats. After the Memphis trip, I retired my black flats and am currently looking for black flats and casual shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and stood in for long periods of time.

I love the idea of changing the wardrobe based on the seasons. I feel like this approach is better for me, only because my wardrobe isn’t very ‘interchangable’ (yet). If I do this challenge again, I’ll approximate the 33 since it is a good amount to strive to and keep less hangers in my closet.

Interested in taking on the Project 333 challenge?

YAS! You definitely should! For more information on how to get started and what the rules of this challenge are, check out Courtney Carver’s website Be More With Less. Her blog is a wonderful resource for minimalist living and decluttering your life, so definitely visit her blog. It will be worth your time! 🙂

Hope you have a  wonderful week!



Right Now, Currently, This Month: April

Hola! I can’t believe I’m already writing a blog post in April! Can you believe that a quarter of 2017 has already passed?! (because I can’t!). In other news, spring break has passed and the semester continues on. The research team and I have finished our KT Tape study: the results are in and drumroll please…. KT Tape doesn’t enhance sport performance! I wasn’t really surprised because I was already skeptical of KT Tape and my thoughts were proved once we ran statistical analyses on or results. There is still research to be done though, as we only tested on young, recreationally active, healthy individuals. We are presenting our findings at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research this Thursday in Memphis, TN! In addition to the conference, I am excited to explore the city and try their food 🙂 Anyways, here’s my monthly journal for April!

Loving: my family

Eating: Afghan food (recently at Kabul in San Carlos and LOVED it, definitely recommend visiting!)

Drinking: water & tea

Watching: Ingobernable (new Spanish Netflix original)

Going: to class and work, of course!

Reading: “The Lore of Running”-Tim Noakes

Texting: my research team

Playing: Hamilton and Moana soundtracks

Celebrating: Easter

Listening: to 90s R&B

Buying: a badass jumpsuit to wear to formal (& SAVING)

Pinning: packing lists

Planning: my summer adventures!

Visiting: Memphis, TN

So that is what’s happening this month! I’m also thinking of possibly registering for my 3rd half marathon in May. I’ve been running pretty consistently lately and would love to see if I could PR… off to school and work I go!

Peace, love, and blessings,


On Body Image & Beauty Standards

I am, by traditional North American standards, exotic. With my long, straight, raven colored hair, coffee colored skin, muscular legs, and ‘flat’ nose are a stark contrast to the fair skinned, blond, blue eyed, ultra thin women often gracing the magazines today. Even by Philippine beauty standards, I am still somewhat exotic because of my above average height (I’m 5’7) for a Filipina girl and body type (think the child of curvy and muscular).

Being exposed to both American and Filipino beauty standards is sure interesting to  say the least because in most ways they are contradictory to each other. For example, while having tan skin is an attractive physical quality to have in the US, having a pale skin tone is more aesthetically acceptable in the Philippines. This ideal stems from the Spaniard caste system once put into place during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines and was even more of a cultural ideal than an aesthetic one. As years progressed, the superiority of lighter skin was more perpetuated into Filipino culture due to the many celebrities and TV personalities endorsing several skin whitening products. The constant advertisement of these types of products screams the idea that ‘lighter skin is more attractive, therefore the epitome of beauty’.

My mind wasn’t conscious of the unique-ness and unconformity of my skin tone to the Philippine beauty ideal until I visited the Philippines when I was 14.Although this was almost seven years ago, I remember this day so vividly. I was walking through a shopping mall in Manila with my family enjoying the day until I caught a bit of side eye from a group of Filipino teenagers. It is as if my above average height  and the brown-ness of my skin was something they haven’t seen in person before. Their unforgiving bluntness made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Contrastingly, here in America, the color of my skin is the envy of some women.  It still baffles my mind that some people would spend money and risk their health to lie in a tanning booth just to achieve a darker skin tone. “How do always look tan all the time?” one lady dared to ask me. “It’s just my skin, I’m ethnic not tan!!” I wanted to yell at her, but instead I replied with “Dunno, maybe it’s because I run outside all the time..” Despite the stark differences in American and Filipino beauty standards on skin color, I’ve come to learn that it is much better for your mind if you embrace what you have and not lust after the things you don’t have and can’t control. It has honestly made me happier and more confident in my skin.

One major similarity present in American and Filipino beauty standards is the overwhelming pressure to stay thin. This also plays into a larger media and culture driven narrative that being thin equates to being beautiful (and that is ‘perfection’). From celebrities to Instagram models, the mirage of thinspiration plagues the minds of most young girls everywhere. I remember reading fashion magazines when I was younger and comparing myself to the models that graced the glossy pages. It was detrimental to my body image as I would internally berate myself about eating that extra slice of pizza or getting that extra scoop of ice cream. Mind you, I was around 10 at the time and was very athletic so doing this to myself was as unhealthy as it was unnecessary to my mental state.  I am fortunate enough in that I’ve never had an eating disorder but that isn’t the same case for many young girls nationwide.

While thinness isn’t so much the beauty standard now, there is still an underlying idea that thin means healthy. We need to start teaching and be an example our daughters, nieces, and friends that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, not just stick thin. We also need to stop body shaming and comparing ourselves to other people. To me, healthy means strong and a body that is balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now, I  place more value in my body being able to run a certain amount of miles or at a certain pace than how much of a gap my thighs have (there is no gap, my thighs will forever be thick because they were made that way – I have accepted this). As long as you are eating healthy and do some form of exercise everyday, then there is no need to stress over being ‘thin’. Thin is overrated, but healthy will forever be in style.

So that’s my take on the beauty standards of today and my though process of overcoming them. There is a saying that “comparison if the thief of joy” and that is especially true whenever we lust over a certain look that someone else has and put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to achieve that endless ideal. Instead, set a standard for yourself- whether it’s exercising more or not worrying about a thigh gap- and keep working towards it. As long as you are happy and healthy in your approach, then these ridiculous beauty standards won’t dictate how to live. And eat that extra slice of pizza or scoop of ice cream, your mind will thank you!

Peace, love and blessings,


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Project 333, Month 2 Update

Hello!! The second month of my Project 333 experiment has passed and it went by so fast! To put things into perspective, I went eight weeks of just wearing the 33 items I chose back in mid January (aside from PJs and workout clothes). My 33 items have brought me through the California winter and through the 2 weeks of non-stop pouring rain and a few days of hail. For 8 weeks, I have saved at least 15 minutes every morning on deciding what to wear- that’s 15 extra minutes of sleep! Looking back now, there are 3 main things I learned about minimalism and how is has been a positive change to my life.

Week 5

1. Owning a lot of stuff is extremely overrated- I know I might have already touched on this fact, but it is just so true! Since starting Project 333, I have not gone shopping for clothes simply because I didn’t want to and didn’t need to(and also the fact that I couldn’t due to the challenge, but I digress). The idea of going clothes shopping gives me anxiety and I never really buy anything anyway, window shopping was my idea of shopping. On the occasion that I do tag along with my mom or friends on their shopping trips and I do see a clothing item that catches my eye, I always ask myself “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, then I put the item back to the rack and continue on with my day.

Living with just a 33 item wardrobe has put into perspective how much value I put on material things. For example, when I was sorting out my clothes and choosing my 33 items, I thought I wouldn’t be able to last one month because I put a lot of aesthetic value in a blouse I love wearing. I ultimately didn’t choose that particular blouse because it wouldn’t be very functional especially in cold weather. It’s been two months since I’ve seen the blouse and I don’t value it as much as I did. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to wearing the blouse again, but am I ‘dying’ over the fact that I haven’t worn it in 8 weeks? No, not at all!

Week 6

2. No one cares more about your appearance than YOU- In the past two months of wearing just 33 items, no one has said anything about my repetition in outfits. No once batted an eye or looked down at me when I wore the same pants two days in a row. In fact, I think I’ve gotten more compliments on my outfits since I started this challenge! I think it’s because most of my items can be worn in a business casual setting, therefore making e appear more put together than I normally am. This is also the reason why I stress less about what to wear each day because my options are streamlined and I already know that I will look presentable. When I look great, I feel great and no one can give me that confidence but me!

Week 7

3. The key to minimalist style is utility and function- Referring back to my blouse story in #1, the blouse I was taking about was sleeveless, cropped, and made with a thin, chiffon like material (probably polyester, but I’m not too sure). It simply didn’t make sense for me to include it with my Project 333 wardrobe because it wouldn’t serve a functional purpose in keeping me warm, only an aesthetical one in making me look hot AF.  In all seriousness, the majority of the clothes I’ve been wearing lately can easily be layered and worn in both cool and warm weather. If you are considering doing a Project 333 of your own, I highly recommend choosing clothes that serve a multiple purposes. Questions like “Can this be layered?”, “Will this keep me warm/cool?”, and “Can this match with anything?” can serve as criteria when narrowing down your minimalist wardrobe.

Week 8

Those are the three things I learned about minimalism and Project 333. I can honestly say that this minimalist fashion challenge gives be peace of mind and more time to sleep. It has decluttered my mind and given me more confidence in myself and also how I present myself to other people. Although there are only 4 more weeks to go, I genuinely see myself continuing on with this challenge this year and in the future!

Peace, love and blessings!


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An Ode to Women ~ International Women’s Day 2017

“A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot.”- Isabel Allende

Happy International Women’s Day my lovelies! I want to take this moment to recognize the strong women in my life because without their strength, influence, and compassion I would not be the woman that I am today. Despite the silence and oppression that society casts on us, it is our resilience and willingness to endure through the hate and carve a path to our success. For me personally, it is the advice, influence and example that women in my life that have motivated me to seek out my own success and happiness every single day. So ladies, this is for you!

To my teachers and coaches, thank you. Thank you for being a positive role model in my eyes. Thank you for not treating me different because of my gender. Thank you for guiding me through times of confusion and difficulty. Thank you for noticing my passions while also challenging me to dig deeper in my critical thinking. While I have been fortunate enough to receive a public education, it is was your encouraging motivation, seamless direction, and selfless kindness that made me love going to your class everyday. Thank you for gently coaxing me out of my naturally shy demeanor by allowing (albeit sometimes forcing) me to voice my opinions in class. I will forever be grateful for all that you have taught me and strive to have as much of an impact to other people as you did on me.

To my female family friends, school friends, work friends, and online friends. thank you for being a positive light of friendship in my life. Thank you for your constant support throughout the years, cheering me on in class and even on the race course. Thank you for praising my success and understanding the struggle. Thank you for the strong friendships I’ve been blessed with. Whenever I see your successes in life, I jump with joy for you. Thank you for trusting me enough to be vulnerable and vent out your problems. Thank you for accepting me as I am.

To my titas, lolas, and cousins, thank you for always being there. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by strong teachers and friends, but the fact that I’m so close with the women in my family is a blessing. Since we all live across the globe, thank you for fostering my desire to explore the world by giving me more reasons to travel more. Thank you for your constant love and laughs, together and apart. Thank you for engaging in though provoking conversations, because although we might not agree on everything, we have a better understanding of each other’s convictions. My life would be so sad and boring without you.

To my mom, my strong, sweet, hilarious mom. Thank you for bringing me into this crazy, beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking world. Thank you for the countless hours of sleep you lost when caring for me. Thank you for bringing the wanderlust gene to me when you made sure I had a passport when I was just a baby. Thank you for your never ending encouragement and making me believe that I really can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you for picking me up from every school play rehearsal and practice. Thank you for being the loudest person to cheer me on during school plays, soccer games, and cross country races. Although we’ve had our share of differences, I am grateful for them because they make me question the reasons behind my action or inaction. Everyday I strive to exude as much kindness, understanding, and laughter as you do. I love you so much mom, I am nothing without you!

To all the strong women in the world, thank you for being you! It is your action to stand up for what is right and desire to be successful that makes the world go round. The world is better because of our presence, don’t ever let anyone tell you different!

Rise up for the better and SLAY EVERYDAY,



Right Now, Currently, This Month: March

Hi all! So my spring semester is picking up and my schedule is getting busier and busier. In the midst of school, studying, and work, I don’t have as much time to blog as I would like. I will still update my Project 333 monthly check in (I’ve been really good about documenting my outfits) and have some topics planned for my #BrownGalChronicles.

In effort to have some fun in my posting, I would like to kick off a monthly journal. I have a section in my planner that starts at the beginning of each month it’s column is called “Right now, currently, this month”. This column includes fun categories to complete such as Loving:…, Watching:…, and Celebrating:… I been doing it every month and believe it is a great way to refresh and motivate the mind for that month. So below are some of the things I am excited for, planning, and working towards in this month of March:

Loving: The weather and coconut coffee

Eating: Pizza (Pieology just opened a new location in Stockton and it is DELICIOUS)

Drinking: Tea and water always!

Watching: Trevor Noah and John Oliver on YouTube

Going: to school and work LOL

Reading: “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama

Texting: my research group (we’ve been crazy busy with data collection!)

Playing: …nothing!

Celebrating: LIFE 😀

Listening: Chance the Rapper

Buying:  SAVING $$!

Pinning: anything travel related!

Planning: research trip to Memphis (in April)!

Visiting: Relatives in the Bay Area!

This is a little taste of what I am excited for this month! February just flew by so fast that I it boggles my mind that March is already here! So although my blogging presence might be a little slow this month, I update my social media regularly so be sure to check them out and say hi! Oh, this also reminds me to announce that I am taking part in an Instagram Takeover for my hometown’s Instagram, @stocktonca. They handpick community members in Stockton to takeover their account for a weekend to share their Stockton story. I have been chosen to takeover on the weekend of March 24-26. I am so excited and cannot wait to share all the fun cool places in my hometown!